Plans Call for Transforming Ward 8 Parkway Overlook Community

Several D. C. government agencies have shut a deal that will preserve 220 affordable housing systems at the vacant Parkway Overlook Apartments in the Ward 7 neighborhood of Congress Heights. The DC Housing Finance Agency (DCHFA) provided more than $38 mil in bond financing for the project, as well as an estimated $29. 6 …

Md. Governor Hopefuls Make Pitch to Young Democrats

ANNAPOLIS — State Sen. Richard Madaleno associated with Montgomery County will be the next governor of Maryland, when young Democrats have their say. Madaleno obtained 44 percent of the 55 votes in a gubernatorial hay poll conducted Monday during the Young Democrats of Baltimore convention at the Wiley Bates Legacy …

Archdiocese Honors Unknown, Buried Enslaved

The remains of unknown plus enslaved men, women and children buried in local cemeteries that have since fallen under the purview of the Archdiocese associated with Washington have finally been recognized with memorial guns that will forever honor those long-forgotten slaves. Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, …

Expungement of Criminal Records Possible February 24th

By Clint Confehr EAST NASHVILLE, TN — People who are formerly incarcerated might get their court records removed Saturday at the Justice For All program in the Limelight Occasions Center on Woodland Avenue. “ We obtained all kind of folks together for this; community activists, attorneys, political folk. And …

How to Stay Strong In the Face of Adversity.

( Akiit. com )  Existence isn’ t always easy, but it’ s often worth it; this is an attitude that should be preserved at all times. However , it’ s easy to see how sometimes life can kick all of us a little bit too hard. When things really get tough, it’ s not always straightforward to see the …

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Black Wall Street

Korryn Gaines’ Family Gets $36 Million In Civil Suit

By Ryan Velez You can recall the shooting death of Baltimore native Korryn Gaines in front of her son by police in 2016. The circumstances of her death are still unclear to this day, plus like many cases of police violence, it’ ersus been a depressing and unsatisfying road. Madame Noire reports …

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