They Can’t Vote Yet But Are Making Their Voices Heard

Mayor David Briley addresses an audience of several hundred high school students at Public Square Fri, April 20, 2018 By Philip White NASHVILLE, TN – Students through four Davidson County high schools ditched their textbooks and picked up signs Friday morning to march towards gun violence. Young people organized …

Israel is Failing at Racial Politics

In the Aftermath of “ Bloody Friday, ” It’ s Clear that Israeli Forces Don’ t Discover Palestinians as Human. The post Israel is Failing at Ethnic Politics appeared first on Los Angeles Sentinel .

3 Reasons To Consider A Motorcycle As Your Next Vehicle.

( Akiit. com ) Cars great. They’ re simple, they’ re dependable, and they’ re pleasurable to drive. Given how generally positive the knowledge of car ownership is, you might be wondering why you may be tempted to consider the transition from four wheels in order to two. If so, here’ s a few reasons …

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Black Wall Street

Why Now Is the Time to Get Ready for 2019 Goals

There is no doubt that you kicked off 2018 with a group of specific goals to accomplish by Dec. 31. Short-term targets, those that you want to achieve this year, are very important to outline. Yet what about what you want long-term? Now is the time to get ready for 2019. In general, goal-setting should have …

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