Travel Destinations To Visit Before They Disappear


Thanks to the ever-powerful beast that is climate change the world is changing rapidly, meaning that many beautiful destinations won’t be around for much longer. Thanks to the lightening speed rate at which global warming is eroding the landscape of our planet we may be the last generation to benefit from the opportunity to visit some of the World’s most beautiful locations.

So, whilst you can, check out these fabulous destinations:

Venice, Italy

Perhaps one of the most famous ‘ticking time bomb’ destinations, Venice has been sinking for quite some time but now rising sea levels are threatening any even faster demise. The city has sunk by 9 inches in the last 100 years and experts predict that it will have disappeared in less than 70 years.

The Great Barrier Reef

The magical underwater world that is the Great Barrier Reef covers such a vast expanse that it can actually be seen from space, but climate change is causing it to rapidly disappear. The fantastic natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef was created in 8,000 but has no more than 100 years left thanks to ocean acidification, cyclones, water pollution, and rising ocean temperatures.

The Maldives

The Maldives lies just 1.5 meters above sea level, making it the lowest lying country in the World. Although ideal for an impressive holiday this watery paradise will become completely engulfed by the surrounding ocean within 100 years.

Glacier National Park

Anything made from ice is guaranteed to have a fairly short shelf life thanks to rising temperatures caused by climate change. 100 years ago the park boasted more than 150 glaciers but in 2005 a measly 27 remained. Experts have predicted that the Glacier National Park has just 17 years left, and with the disappearance of the glaciers many plants and animals will also disappear.

The Dead Sea

Many tourists have flocked to the Dead Sea to experience the feeling of floating on top of the water, which has an incredibly high salt content, but if you aren’t one of them you only have 50 years left.  In the last 40 years the sea has shrunk by a third and sunk by 80 feet, meaning that many former ‘seaside’ restaurants are now a mile or more from the sea line.

The Alps

The famous Alps are also set to become a victim of climate change thanks to their low altitude. Experts have predicted that we have until 2050 to see this natural wonder.

The TajMahal

One of the wonders of the World, the TajMahal is falling prey to corrosion from the crowds and air pollution that surround it. The threat is so great that officials are considering closing the landmark, meaning we may only have up to 5 years left to be wowed by this marble memorial building.


Whilst most of the landmarks on this list are rapidly disappearing thanks to climate change, Madagascar requires protection from the human race. Logging and poaching is eroding the fourth largest island in the World and within 35 years the forests and its inhabitants will be lost forever.

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