New ICloud Delayed In U.K Due To Right Holder


Apple icloud, part musical was delayed in the United Kingdom that the company is negotiating with rights holders. Meanwhile, the iPhone is too sent into space for a series of diagnostic experiments.

On the other hand, a recent report said that Google is working on the e-mail service to a competitor to the recently announced public IMessage IOS 5.

According to sources familiar with the matter says that part of Apple’s music store icloud, which begins in the United States this fall, not in the UK, before March 1st quarter of 2012 at the earliest.

Performing Right Society, the spokesman said that negotiations with Apple do not go away. The license for the ERP team in ongoing discussions with Apple, but are far from any agreement signed. Besides, he says it is a very well early stage of negotiations and similar to the launch of iTunes, which began in the United States and has taken time to implement in other countries.

According to sources, Apple has not completed its negotiations with Universal Music Group until last Thursday, just days before announcing the opening of the service. Apple could have paid up to $ 150 million in advance payments for service in the field.

Apple iTunes stores based on Cloud all previously purchased music to iTunes users to download to their devices. The iTunes service last game cost $ 24.99 per year when it launches this fall in the U.S. search the music library and user songs mirror best move of the tag iTunes Store.

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