Now Microsoft Introduce Android Support Apps To Windows Phones


Well, just two months after the tool to help developers port Windows apps to the iPhone Phone 7, interestingly enough, Microsoft has added support Android.

According to official reports from sources close to Microsoft has announced it is adding support for Android programming tool interface mapping applications on June 9 and, moreover, also revealed that Microsoft is the news publication of a Guide Windows 7, developers of Android applications white paper, as well as case studies and the perspective of developers, such as Ground speak, and chaotic Avalinx Moon Studios, who have already obtained or developed applications for Android phones IOS Windows 7. Get detailed information about windows devices and their limitations, on this website:

The software giant, Microsoft is also planning to get more aggressive to participate in the transfer of discussions in online forums, such as Stack Over flow and support for Windows 7 details the development of many programmers to think about moving their applications to Windows platform phones. In the end, is about 20,000 applications available for Windows Phone Marketplace. For more information on how Microsoft defender prevents spam, visit this website:

The first iteration of the tool focuses on the network or the Internet interface and a management API. Microsoft claims officers did not anticipate the mapping of all the APIs, because different phone platforms are built on different architectures and user interface.

On 9 June, Microsoft officials noted in a telephone Blog Windows developers who continue to expand the scope of the mapping tool and the expertise of the API. Microsoft next step is to understand the characteristics of the tool handle mapping of the API, which is expected this summer.

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