Things To Consider When Evaluating A Country House To Rent For A Temporary Stay


Many people who want to stay out of the crowd in the city to eliminate stress from work or to be in a new environment may prefer to stay in country houses. These are stately homes where you may find different types of individuals, private groups, historical organizations and businesses. The styles of these houses may vary according to the architect and the date they were built. Some people who own such residences may also update their decorations according to what is trending in the market.

Country houses are private residences which are built with different priceless collections of furniture and paintings which are used to lure visitors. These houses are also used for special gatherings and parties that involve well known individuals in the society. These are built with the aspects of upper class life style. Keeping these premises in good condition can be very expensive as you may need servants and people to take care of its surroundings and the interior of the house. Many country house owners may have these houses rented by tourists or film crews to reduce the cost of the maintenance.

Regardless of the reasons why you need a country house, there are things you need to consider so that you will know that the house is the most comfortable and suitable place for you.

When looking for a design of a country house, you may select the ones that give a simple, cozy, conventional and rustic design. Choose the ones that have a welcoming, unpretentious and friendly ambiance for your guests. Check the design of the kitchen and make sure it has a complete set of electronic appliances or kitchenware that caters to everyday needs.

  • The House Plans

In many country home plans, huge shaded porches in the front of the house often provide more rural ambiance to any country house. This porch should be spacious enough for gatherings especially those that are held in the evening. Porches of country homes usually wrap around a part of the home or the entire house which speaks of their importance to the lifestyle of country people.

Country home plans may also include dormer windows, gabled roofs and bold shutters. Any attic can get more space with the house has dormer windows and gabled roofs. If shutters are functional, they can give more protection to the house from any elements and improve its rural charm.

Often, country home plans include wooden furniture and floors and are designed with materials like suede and leather, rusted materials and wrought iron and natural fabrics. English country style architecture is boosted by great color schemes that exhibit simple furniture, accessories and textiles. These color schemes emphasize muted tones.

  • Its Interior Decorations

A lot of country homes have spectacular decors when their ceilings have exposed beams, have unique exterior timbers and crown molding. Their floor plans feature huge rooms that made around a center of a great hall. A big staircase will serve as a way from the hall to second floor rooms. Country homes may have wooden floors that can blend with country interior decorations.

  • The Exterior Characteristics

Country homes may be two-storey buildings that are made with flared eaves and steep roofs. They may have multiple roofs as they are made with dormers and gables. A roof of this kind of homes can be decorated with huge chimneys. Their exterior surface can be decorated with timbers in a diagonal pattern.

  • The Color Combinations

You can choose country homes that are colored with cream or white. Their exterior bricks don’t match with their neutral shades. Some of them have dark decorative timbers which give a contrast to their lighter shades. You can have vibrant and bright colors for the interior walls and have a royal appeal for your home’s rooms.

  • Landscapes

To maximize your rental experience, you might want to stay in a country house that has magnificent lavender or herb gardens. You will surely feel more than accommodated when you see a decorative fountain and colorful flowers on the house’s grounds creating a great backdrop for the sophisticated estate.

In terms of country houses, there are a lot of options based on their amenities, layouts and sizes. They are available from simple homes to luxury designs that come with a lot of additional. But it’s probably their warm and diversity as well as inviting nature that keep them on top among the many home styles in North America.

A good country house that can be rented temporarily for a vacation should be comfortable and inviting for a stranger. Often, the centerpiece of this house is the porch as it is the main entertaining and living area during the summer season. Its exterior should be highlighted by its symmetrical windows while providing natural light to its interior.

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